Pack Up and Ship Out with the Wichita Falls, TX Pro Movers

Pack Up and Ship Out with the Wichita Falls, TX Pro Movers

Affordable Texas Movers also serving Burkburnett, Graham, Kingdom Lake, Lubbock, Stephenville, TX, & Lawton, OK

Do you hate packing? Is your house filled with piles of stuff you keep thinking you’ll get around to packing soon? Affordable Texas Movers will create a customized packing plan based on your needs. We're here for you, whether you need someone to pack up the whole works, or just pack up the few items you couldn't get to. We serve the entire Wichita Falls, Graham, Burkburnett, Stephenville, and Possum Kingdom Lake areas.

Our movers treat your items like our own. If you have any items you need packed especially gently or discreetly, trust our professional staff to handle them with care. Our packing products are extra-durable, so you’ll never have to worry about damage. Call Affordable Texas Movers to take the stress out of your move today.

3 tips to keep valuable items safe in a move

Most of our clients need certain items to be packed with a little more care than the rest. Here are three tips for packing some of the most often-moved fragile items:

  1. Wrap glasses individually in newspaper or packing paper, and place crumpled paper inside the larger items. Line the boxes they will be packed in with plenty of packing paper, too.
  2. Wrap large specialty items - like serving dishes - with bubble wrap, and secure with tape. Place in a box lined with crumpled packing paper.
  3. Label boxes containing fragile items with the word "FRAGILE." This way, you or the movers won't forget to treat these boxes with a little more care than boxes full of linens.

For more tips and tricks, reach out to the expert movers at 940-235-2058 today.